Robbins Family Grain

On 7,000 acres, what we grow, we utilize.

Ron Robbins established “Robbins Corn & Bulk Service” in 1979. He recognized the value of diversifying his agricultural operation to ensure profitability and sustainability of the farm. Today, the crop operation is known as Robbins Family Grain. Together with 15-20 employees, Ron, Nancy and son Brian farm 7000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay, along with some oats, barley, and rye.

Grain corn is sold to New York state mills for animal feed as well as to the ethanol plant in Fulton, NY where it is made into ethanol and a byproduct called distillers, which are used also for animal feed.

Robbins Family Grain’s wheat is sold to mills in Pennsylvania, where it is milled into flour for human and animal consumption. The stalk of the wheat is baled into straw and sold to dairy farms across the state.

Our soybeans are sold for export. We haul them to the port of Newark where they are loaded onto container ships and sent across the world to Southeast Asia. There, soybeans are used for both human consumption and fish and animal feed.

We bale hay for our cows’ own consumption and for sale to New York state dairy farms. Robbins Family Grain also grows the haylage and corn silage for North Harbor Dairy.

Robbins Family Grain utilizes the latest in agriculture and crop technologies to produce more food, on less land. Precision agriculture is an important part of operation: through soil mapping and prescriptions, we use just the right amount of seeds, fertilizer and pesticides to grow crops specific to that soil type, right down to the ½ inch. We also plant cover crops to help prevent soil erosion and to restore nutrients to the soil. We are proud to take advantage of the technology available to us to grow crops that are better for the land and the environment as a whole.

I would rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.

⁠— George Washington