North Harbor Dairy


We Care About our Animals

In 2001, the Robbins Family established North Harbor Dairy by expanding from milking 100 cows in the farm’s original tie-stall barn to milking 400 cows in a parlor with free-stall housing. Since 2001, the dairy has grown to 1200 milking-cows with nearly 1000 replacement heifers.

North Harbor Dairy prides itself on animal care, as the happier the cows, the more milk, and the healthier the milk is, that they produce! Just some of the comforts the cows enjoy include: sand bedding, fans and sprinklers to keep them cool, automatic spinning massage/ scratching brushes, and a custom nutrition plan.

Cows are milked in a double-24 parallel parlor three times a day. Because of the cows’ amenities and their optimum nutrition, North Harbor Dairy averages 100 lbs of milk per cow, per day. That’s 120,000 lbs of milk that we produce every day on our farm, or 15,000 gallons!

North Harbor Dairy is a member of Dairy Farmers of America cooperative, and we haul our milk ourselves to Great Lakes Cheese in Adams, NY where it is made into award-winning cheese!

North Harbor Dairy is owned by Ron & Nancy Robbins and son Brian, and employs approximately 15 people.

Do you have more questions about dairy farming and how we care for our cows? Take a tour of North Harbor Dairy, available May- October through our sister-business, Old McDonald’s Farm!

2I would rather hear cows mooing and roosters crowing than horns honking.