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About Us
Nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario, North Harbor Beef Company raises premium angus beef cattle on high quality forages with an emphasis on animal welfare. We have and always will be strong proponents of animal welfare, when we do right by the cows they will do right by us. The same forages that allow North Harbor Dairy to excel in milk production also allow us to grow beef cattle with superior marbling in a time efficient manner, conserving our resources for the generations that come after us. Our black angus cattle also take advantage of our expanse pastured area close to the farm in the warmer months; if you drive by it, don't forget to wave! After exploring our page and online store, please reach out to us with any questions. We are currently offering half and quarter cows and burger boxes, with retail sales by the piece coming soon, to fulfill your local beef needs!

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Quarter Side of Beef?
A quarter side of beef is a ...
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What is a Half Side of Beef?
A half side of beef is a ...
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What do You Feed Your Cattle?
Our cattle receive a ...
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What does Animal Welfare Mean to you?
Animals welfare to our ...
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Where do Your Cows Live?
In the colder months cattle ...
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What Sort of Cattle do You Have?
We raise crossbred Angus, ...
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Where are Your Cattle Processed?
Our cattle are processed at ...
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How do I Buy Beef From You?
We have an online store ...
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How do I Find out More?
We love questions and are ...
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What Does Your Beef Cost?
Our beef is priced at $2.75 ... Read more
How can I get my Beef Side Cut?
Buying a side of beef is a ... Read more
Steak Cuts
Well known Steaks
For more specific questions please give us a call or talk to your butcher as they have many more options for custom processing.