Let's Grow Together

Welcome to Robbins Family Grain & North Harbor Dairy

North Harbor dairy

Our Vision

We represent agriculture at its best, embrace its challenges, by working together and growing for a better tomorrow.

Our Values

Integrity… We do what we think is right; No Matter what!
Pride… In your work, in each other, in the business.
Quality… We aspire for and work towards continually improving
Accountability… We all own what we do.
Respect… We have a deep respect for each other, the land and our animals
Happiness… “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

About Robbins Family Grain & North Harbor Dairy


North Harbor Dairy

In 2001, the Robbins Family established North Harbor Dairy by expanding from milking 100 cows in the farm’s original tie-stall barn to milking 400 cows in a parlor with free-stall housing. Since 2001, the dairy has grown to 1200 milking-cows with nearly 1000 replacement heifers.


Robbins Family Grain

Ron Robbins established “Robbins Corn & Bulk Service” in 1979. He recognized the value of diversifying his agricultural operation to ensure profitability and sustainability of the farm. Today, the crop operation is known as Robbins Family Grain.


RFG Trucking

Our over-the-road fleet includes two to three trucks, one being a new, modern leased tractor with all the amenities, and several hopper and dump trailers.